Date: 15th Mar 2016 @ 3:43pm

Here are the new songs that we have been learning in Choir. 

Play the videos and sing along to your heart's content!

khloe wrote:

U I like the power song

Kiia wrote:

So do I.

Kkia. Louise wrote:

I love these songs.

khloe wrote:

I li the power one best

Kia wrote:

I like all of them insted do you?

Kia wrote:

Have you replayed yet khole?

Harry t wrote:

I like all of them but power I me and believe the best don't you agree

Harry T wrote:

I like them all

Khloe wrote:

The Queen birthday has been amzing xxx

khloe wrote:

so awesome xx

Kia wrote:

Yes your right!!!!!!!

Khloe y4 wrote:

Love the Leomen tree song,xxxxxxxxx

Kia wrote:

I love titanium

khloe wrote:

These songs are amazing like incredible I 😍 theme pleas do not but halo lou it is boring ☺

khloe wrote:

I realy miss sinigg

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