Writing at Lyme



At Lyme Community we aim to develop the children’s ability to produce well structured, detailed writing in which the meaning is made clear and which engages the interest of the reader. Attention is paid throughout the school to the formal structures of English, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Teachers model writing strategies and the use of phonics and spelling strategies in shared writing sessions. Guided writing sessions are used to target specific needs of both groups and individuals, whilst children have opportunities to write at length in extended independent writing sessions each week. The children are given frequent opportunities in school to write in different contexts and to practise their skills through different subjects such historical recounts within the Learning Challenge Curriculum or writing instructions on how to look after a plant in Science.

We use Penpals Handwriting Scheme in school to help children develop fluent, clear and legible joined up writing. Children work hard to achieve a pen licence in Year 2 and 3, this encourages them to take care in their presentation and pride in their work.

Our aims are achieved through:

  • Teaching grammar as a separate lesson where necessary

  • Using high quality texts, modelling and shared/ collaborative writing to demonstrate good practice

  • Providing writing frames to support the least confident

  • Providing time to plan, edit and revise

  • In-depth marking of extended pieces of writing and giving the children time to respond to comments and make necessary changes

  • The use of success criteria for pupils to self-assess or peer assess

  • Cross curricular links to practise skills taught

  • Providing an audience and purpose for writing where possible

  • Celebrating achievement in good work assemblies and the choice of Star Writers each term.

Lyme Community Primary, Lyme St, Newton-le-Willows WA12 9HD