Your child should have their user names and passwords for Microsoft Teams. This allows the children to communicate with their teacher, who will be adding work / challenges each week for Home Learning, as well as with their classmates. It will also be where your child’s class teacher will create work for them if they are absent and need to complete remote learning.

Signing into teams:

You can either download the “Microsoft Teams” app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play Store, or go to in your browser.


Your username and password have been sent to you.

It will be:  LCP-(a number)-(your initials and a number)

Such as:


Your password will have also been sent to you and it will be (date in numbers)-(first 3 letters of the month)-(year of birth) Such as: 25-Aug-20

Once logged in you will be able to see what the teacher has uploaded and can leave an answer or comment about it by clicking “Reply”. When leaving a reply you either type your answer in or upload a picture depending on what you needed to do!

Please make your child aware that this is a public chat and everyone can see what is added, so teachers will remove anything they do not think is appropriate.

If you do have any issues, please email school or contact your child's class teacher. 


You can also view the class timetable of activities and upload the children's learning onto Evidence Me. 

Files to Download

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