Code Club

Date: 22nd Feb 2016 @ 12:36pm

Code club is run by Mrs. Hunter and takes place every Thursday after school, for Y5 and Y6 pupils. We have begun coding animations and games and have a new project every week.

Week 1: Rock band -  learning how to code our own musical instruments. 

Week 2: Lost in Space - learning how to code our own animation.     This is Tilly's (Y6) coding from this week, press the space bar to make the rocket fly towards Earth:


Week 3:Ghost Busters - learning how to make a ghost-catching game. Click on the ghouls to get points in Niamh's (Y6) game!


Week 4: Chat Box - programming our own talking robot

Here's Sophie's Chat Bot - click on the character and answer its questions! After it asks if you're ok, click the space bar, then click up arrow when you're invited to its house, then left arrow at the end.


Week 5: Paint Box - learning to make our own paint programme.

Week 6: Boat Race - making a boat game and navigating the boat to a desert island.


niamh wrote:

we have done really good things in code club it is really fun and we learn something new each week!

Mrs Hunter wrote:

I'm glad you're enjoying it, Niamh!

millie wrote:

I am really enjoying code club we have done very interesting. It is fun learning new games each week!

Mrs Hunter wrote:

I'm pleased that you're enjoying it, Millie :) what has been your favourite activity so far?

molly greenshields wrote:

it is so fun!!!!

Mrs Hunter wrote:

You should be coding! (I'm glad you like it =])

Tilly chadwick wrote:

Code club is sooo fun! ;)

Mrs Hunter wrote:

You should also be coding, Tilly! But I'm also glad you think it's fun :)

niamh wrote:

it is great everyone has a great laugh everyone is always sad when it is not on! I am really enjoying so far one week we got chocolates and sweets!!

Mrs Hunter wrote:

Well done to all of you for passing Unit 1 of Scratch Code Club! Now, keep on coding :)

Emma Y6 wrote:


Mrs Hunter wrote:


Sophie Hackwell wrote:

I am really enjoying code club and all the projects that we do! :)

Mrs Hunter wrote:

I'm glad - keep an eye on our Blog and look out for your ChatBot!

khloe woods wrote:

i really want to join it ut are you ddoing it again

Khloe y4 wrote:


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