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Date: 20th Oct 2021 @ 4:38pm

The children thoroughly enjoyed cooking their healthy recipes for Spaghetti Bolognese yesterday. They used peeling, chopping and cooking skills to create their delicious meals. They took them home to enjoy and the feedback was all good!


Date: 18th Oct 2021 @ 10:41am

This morning Y1 had their first session with Tommy from KABS.

It was great fun - Mia and Emily earned their first KABS stickers.

All of Y1 enjoyed playing games to develop their listening, teamwork and communication skills. 

Forest School

Date: 7th Oct 2021 @ 4:28pm

The children had lots of fun today at Forest school.  They played some games, talked about the seasons, collected leaves and then made a leaf mobile.  

Our Favourite Toys

Date: 29th Sep 2021 @ 6:42pm

In Year 1, we have been thinking about 'What toys do children play with nowadays?'

To investigate this question we all brought in our favourite toys from home.

Our favourite toys included Lego, toy dinosaurs, Guess Who? game, a game called 'Slap Ninja' and lots of teddy bears and dollies. 

We were able to say how to play with our toys and what our toys were made from.

It was a fun afternoon! 

Settling in to Foundation Stage

Date: 29th Sep 2021 @ 3:28pm

The children have spent the last few weeks exploring their environment and getting to know the rules and routines of their classes.  They have had lots of fun.

Shaving Foam Fun

Date: 29th Sep 2021 @ 12:30pm

The children had lots of fun using their senses to explore the shaving foam.

Clay Tiles

Date: 26th Sep 2021 @ 3:57pm

Year 2 developed their sculpting and modelling skills, experimenting with using different objects to create interesting textures on the surface of a clay tile. 

What playground games did children used to play?

Date: 15th Sep 2021 @ 4:59pm

Today, our History lesson was fun - we have been learning about traditional games that children used to play and we found out that some of the games are still played nowadays.

We played the following games:-

* Traditional Skipping Games
* What times is it Mr Wolf?
* Duck Duck Goose
* Lucy Lockett
* Hopscotch
* Hula Hooping
* Steal the Bacon
* Traffic Lights

We were able to say why we liked the games from the olden times. 

Are humans amazing?

Date: 13th Sep 2021 @ 3:42pm

Today in our Science Learning, we have started to think about 'Are humans amazing?'

We sang songs and performed the actions to Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and The Skeleton Song.

Then, we played 'Simon Says' ... some of the children led the game.

We also labelled body parts on a body diagram of Joshua in Year 1.

It was fun! 

Maths in Year 1 - Sorting

Date: 7th Sep 2021 @ 1:26pm

Today we have taken part in practical Maths Activities - to sort ourselves into different groups.  We used criteria such as boys and girls / hair colour / height - tall, medium, small / glasses and no glasses / black shorts, red shorts and no shorts.  This also links to our SCIENCE learning of sorting / classifying HUMANS according to different body parts. 

Our last day in Year 2

Date: 22nd Jul 2021 @ 3:26pm

Year 2 enjoyed their last day in school today. They have played party games, danced and had a picnic in the shade.  Year 2 have worked hard this year and have made lots of happy memories.  

Foundation Stage Science Week

Date: 21st Jul 2021 @ 9:14am

We had lots of fun watching the science show.  

Key Stage 1 Science Show

Date: 13th Jul 2021 @ 8:29am

Year 1 and 2 had great fun finding out about materials and their properties in an exciting science show to celebrate Science Week. 

What plants grow in our school environment?

Date: 9th Jul 2021 @ 12:26pm

In our Science lesson today we have been investigating the plants that grow in our school environment.

We found:- 
* poppies
* buddleia
* dahailias
* lavender
* pansies
* primulas
* thistles
* daisies
* buttercups

We all loved the lavender plants.

It was fun!

Practical Maths in Year 2

Date: 7th Jul 2021 @ 3:07pm

Year 2 used balance scales to identify and compare the mass of different classroom objects.  They used lots of mathematical language and worked well in their groups. 


Date: 5th Jul 2021 @ 7:32am

Teachers from Hope Academy came to visit us last week to deliver some taster sessions in PE and drama. The children had a great time showing off their excellent sports and acting skills. The teachers from Hope were very impressed with their abilities.


Date: 5th Jul 2021 @ 7:25am

Year 5 had a fantastic sports day competing in a variety of events. They displayed super skills and fabulous teamwork and the sun shone so what more could we ask?

Well done Year 5!

Rainforest Frogs

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 4:53pm

During our Design and Technology lessons we have designed and created our own beanbag frogs. 

Sports Day

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 4:44pm

Year 6 enjoying Sports Day. 

Year 2 Sports Day

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 3:31pm

Year 2 had a fabulous Sports Day and enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities. They showed great team spirit and had lots of fun. 

Foundation Stage Sports Day

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 1:35pm

The children had lots of fun on Sports Day.  They took part in a variety of activities.  

Sports Day

Date: 2nd Jul 2021 @ 8:31am

Well done to all of year 3 for participating in our sports day. You all did amazing and we had a fantastic time. Here are some pictures of the class in action. 

Y1 Sports Day

Date: 1st Jul 2021 @ 4:22pm

Year 1 enjoyed their Sports Day today! They took part in lots of different activities - the relay, egg and spoon and sack races; nerf throwing; long jumping and bean bag target games. There was lots of team spirit - cheering each other on and helping their team mates get into their sacks! Well done Year 1!


Date: 30th Jun 2021 @ 8:57am

The children have been exploring the idea that 'Every Picture Tells a Story' this week and have looked at the work of many different artists and discussed the messages those artists have been trying to convey. They have thenm created their own pictures using the skills they have observed and practised. 

Arts Week

Date: 28th Jun 2021 @ 4:43pm

We have enjoyed a fun-filled week, learning a variety of different art skills and techniques. We have looked at a range of different artists such as: Kathe Kollwitz, Henri Rousseau and Romero Britto to inspire us to create our own master pieces. 

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