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FS Nativity

Date: 6th Dec 2019 @ 12:01pm

What a fantastic time we had performing our Nativity 'The Bossy King' for parents and family this week! Don't forget to order your DVD if you want before we finish for Christmas, they make fantastic presents!!

And we had some juice and biscuits afterwards to unwind, because we deserved it!

Home Learning

Date: 4th Dec 2019 @ 4:36pm

Year 1 have been learning all about life in the past for a child.

They have been busy at home too creating their home learning projects - take a look!

Well done to the Year 1's who completed this home learning.

Visit from Reverend Hall

Date: 27th Nov 2019 @ 2:00pm

In RE, Y3 have been investigating the following question: How and why do Christians serve God? 

As part of this learning, we invited Reverend Hall in to speak to the class to find out about his vocation.

We asked him:

*Why do you serve Jesus? 

*How does it feel to serve God?

*Why do you serve God?

*How long have you served God for? Do you like it?

*What are the most difficult and easiest parts of your job?

*Have you ever seen God?

Reverend Hall explained that he was ordained as a vicar 50 years ago this year and next year it will 50 years since he trained to be a priest. He talked about how God spoke to him when he was 18 and said he wanted him to be a minister. Christians believe that God speaks to us in a quiet way or can help us to think what is right.

Although he is now retired, he still serves the community in churches and in schools.

Investigating Artefacts

Date: 26th Nov 2019 @ 4:45pm

As part of our Learning Challenge: What was life like for a child in the past?  Year 1 have been investigating objects from the past.

We have used artefacts and pictures to discuss and decide what each of the items were used for.  Year 1 thought it was funny if you needed to use a 'chamber pot' - We decided bathrooms like we have today are much better!

Year 1 enjoyed being historians and finding out what the artefacts were used for. 

FS World Children's Day

Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 4:45pm

We were very lucky to have some of our Rights Respect Ambassadors to come and teach us about our rights in FS. After talking about them with us they challenged us to draw some pictures to illustrate them. We chose to do "the right to be heard" and "the right to an education". We drew pictures of us talking to our friends or parents, and pictures of us in school (we need to practise drawing Mrs McDemott and Mr Widdowson, our arms do not come out of our legs!)


Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 4:18pm

The children enjoyed looking at some World War 2 artefacts this afternoon. They were trying to work out what the objects were and what they could be used for. They had some brilliat ideas which we will explore going forward in our histoiry lessons.

World Children's Day 2019

Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 10:45am

As a Rights-Respecting School it is very important that we celebrate World Children's Day! This year the day was even more important as it celebrated 30 years since the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) were agreed.

Our Rights-Respecting Schools Ambassadors and teachers led lots of activties in their classes to help us all to think about the rights of the child and why they are important. Each class, led by the RRS amabassadors, played some games to remind us of all the different rights - from musical chairs in Y1 to charades in Y6. Following on from this they each did a specific activty linked to the UNCRC:

*Y1 talked about their rights 

*Y2 thought about their right to an education and what they would change in their classroom or school

*Y3 discussed their right to be heard; how we listen to pupil voice in our school and ideas for helping other children to use theirs

*Y4 learned more about duty-bearers and the role adults have in making sure children access their rights

*Y5 carried out reserach in First News newspapers and watched Newsround to find current stories which link to children's rights - thinking about when children have been denied or enabled to have their rights

*Y6 investigated what other world events happened in 1989 (the year the UNCRC was agreed) and though about how these impacted on children's lives then

All children have taken part in the Send My Friend to School' campaign. This year's theme is 'unlocking education' - the children have thought about the barriers to education for some children and how we can help chnage this. We will send our ideas off to our local MP to take to Parliament. 


Our fabulous RRS team helped to lead our special assembly and created an A to Z of children's rights to help everyone to remember.


Date: 21st Nov 2019 @ 10:24am

Thanks to the £4000 grant we were awarded from winning the Tesco Bags for Help scheme, the new canopy and Reading/Writing Shed are now completed in the Foundation Stage outside area! The children have been making great use of the covered spaces, especially in this recent bad weather. 

World Children's Day

Date: 20th Nov 2019 @ 7:25pm

Today Y1 have taken part in a range of activities to celebrate World Children’s Day.  Our Rights Respecting Ambassadors (Harmony and Zara) have played ‘Rights Musical Chairs’ with us.  We have also talked about how every child across the world does not have the same education as us.  We have created our own keys for the ‘Let’s Unlock Education for Everyone Campaign’.


Toys in the Past

Date: 19th Nov 2019 @ 4:39pm

Our Learning Challenge is : What was life like for a child in the past?

Year 1 have been investigating toys from the past and toys from the present.  They had to decide whether their toy was 'old' or 'new'.  Then, they got chance to play with their chosen toy.  We also discussed that old toys were made from wood, metal or paper whereas nowadays toys are made from materials such as plastic and you have computerised toys like an I-pad or an X-Box.  

It was great fun investigating the toys!

Viking Longships

Date: 19th Nov 2019 @ 3:44pm

Take a look at our finished Viking Longships.

Viking Longships

Date: 19th Nov 2019 @ 3:33pm

We have been enjoying designing and creating our own Viking Longships.

Computer programming!

Date: 18th Nov 2019 @ 3:43pm

Y1 have worked hard this week thinking about how to write instructions for our friends to get from one place to another. Some of us were 'robot pirates' and some of us were 'programmers' - we had to use the instructions forwards, backwards, left and right to guide the pirates to the treasure.

Then we used this language to move a toy from a starting point to different locations on a treasure map.

Next week we will be using the Bee-Bots - writing algorithims and using them to program the Bee-Bots to travel around our maps.

KS1 fundraising for Children in Need

Date: 18th Nov 2019 @ 12:44pm

Our KS1 children had great fun on Friday raising money for Children in Need! In our team point groups, we took part in four different challenges:

*passing a balloon over and under

*trying to transfer malteasers from one bowl to another using only a straw

*moving a cookie from our forehead into our mouth by only wiggling our faces

*cup stacking

There was lots of laughing and team spirit as the children cheered each other on! School raised over £400 for the charity.

Ancient Greek Day

Date: 17th Nov 2019 @ 7:02pm

To introduce our new learning challenge on the Ancient Greeks, we held a Greek Day.

Year 3 came in dressed as Greeks and we completed different Greek activities. Activities included making a traditional Greek head dress, writing our name and messages using the Ancient Greek alphabet and Greek food tasting The children looked fantastic and had a great day.

Children in Need in FS!

Date: 15th Nov 2019 @ 12:44pm

We've had a great time making ome Pudsey Buscuits and hats in Foundation Stage! We will bring our hats home but unfortunately we ate all the buscuits, oops!

FS Autumn and Muddy Walk!

Date: 14th Nov 2019 @ 12:53pm

We had a great (if a bit cold) time on our Autumn walk! We saw loads of trees that were changing because of the time of the year and got to look at some of the birds in our area! Thank you to all the parents who came with us!


Date: 13th Nov 2019 @ 3:58pm

KS2 took part in a very exciting and interactive assembly this afternoon all about being an 'Internet Legend'. smiley

We need to remember:

SHARP - think before sharing anything online

ALERT - be alert to whether things are real and to phishing (taking someone elses information); remember not to share passwords or personal details 

SECURE - always log out when using websites; make sure mobile phones have a password; use trusted websites - look for the green padlock - and use a password that has 8 characters and a symbol

KIND - be kind with what is posted online - treating others how you would like to be treated; take care with the emojis used - think about other peoples feelings; be aware of cyberbullies

BRAVE - always block, report, tell a trusted adult if something doesn't seem right


*More information can be found on https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk 

Remembrance Day assembly

Date: 12th Nov 2019 @ 12:41pm

Yesterday we held a Remembrance Day assembly to think about all the soldiers who have lost their lives and those who are serving their country. We talked about why we wear poppies and watched the Queen and Prince Phillip lay a poppy wreath at the Cenotaph in London. Alex and Lily from Year 6 read us two poems -  'Flanders Field' and 'For the Fallen'. At the end of the assembly we listened the 'the last post' and held our two minutes silence - all of the children behaved very respectfully - sitting quietly and using the time to remember. 




Date: 7th Nov 2019 @ 9:40am

Our Eco Team were very busy yesterday! They spent some time in the afternoon picking up litter, tidying the planters on the field and clearing the pond.

30th anniversary of children's rights

Date: 7th Nov 2019 @ 9:12am

Our Rights-Respecting Schools Ambassadors have been very busy planning activities to celebrate World Children's Day on Wednesday 20th November. This year it will be an extra special celebration as it marks 30 years since the United Convention on the Rights of the Child were agreed and signed.

Our ideas so far:

*our ambassadors will be  leading an assembly on the UNCRC

*they will be planning and leading activities to promote children's rights

*our teachers will be launching the 'Send My Friend to School' campaign

*we will be creating a short film of how we are continuing to learn about our rights and will share this with the community on our website and with other schools

Victorian School

Date: 6th Nov 2019 @ 9:18pm

Today Y1 have experienced life as a Victorian school child.

They have had their nails and hands inspected to check they were clean enough for school.  Unfortunately, it was clear to see some children had spent the morning cleaning out the scullery, up a chimney or down the mine!  After promising they would be cleaner tomorrow Ma’am allowed them into class.

Did you know Victorian children paid a penny to come to school?

They have also taken part in Victorian lessons (the 3Rs and Drill).  Some children had to spend time in the Dunce’s corner.  They also joined in with devotional chanting – just like Victorian school children.  The children now know that:-

Children should be seen and not heard.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Some of the children said they would like school to be more like a Victorian school because they worked hard.

Bonfire Night Celebrations

Date: 5th Nov 2019 @ 4:17pm

Today in Foundation Stage we had our very own bonfire! We built it outside and talked about how to be safe around a real flame! We knew to not touch it or even get too close and talked about what we should wear to keep us safe! We toasted some marshmallows and had a great time.

Viking Home Learning Projects

Date: 4th Nov 2019 @ 2:44pm

Check out our home learning projects

Exploding Volcanoes

Date: 25th Oct 2019 @ 4:29pm

To end our topic on natural disasters, today we exploded our own volcanoes. The children were amazed and loved the effects.

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