Inclusion Quality Mark

On Monday 15th July, 2019 we were visited by Ms Sarah Linari - an assessor for the Inclusion Quality Mark Award. 

Ms Linari had a wonderful day at  our school. This is the introduction to the report which can be read in full following the link below.  

Lyme Community Primary School in St Helens achieves the Inclusive School Award.

Vibrant and Welcoming

Lyme Community Primary School is a vibrant, welcoming community with inclusive principles at the heart of all they do. Staff describe inclusion as the life-blood of the school which runs through everything; their values and ethos permeate all aspects of school life. From arrival, it is evident that Lyme place a strong emphasis on the development of the whole child through the immediate visibility of their ‘ICAN’ motto and values (Inspire, Challenge, Achieve, Nurture), which are prominently displayed on the building externally and throughout the school. They celebrate the UN Convention Children’s Rights Articles which are colourfully displayed across all external and internal spaces. The Senior Team and staff are clear in their vision for the well-being of their pupils and their whole-hearted commitment to ensuring that the pupils enjoy school and are enthusiastic learners. Their recent work towards achieving the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award Gold highlights the excellent practice in supporting children’s intellectual and personal development whilst preparing them to become global citizens who are aware of their rights in an ever-changing world. The UNICEF RRSA report from July 2018 recognises that the “school has been building a strong culture of inclusivity and participation” and that the “promotion of greater global awareness and the “school has extensive provision to ensure that the children’s social, physical and emotional well-being is effectively supported.”

Please see the attached for the summary of the overwhelmingly positive 14 page report.


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Lyme Community Primary, Lyme St, Newton-le-Willows WA12 9HD