Year 5

Space Kitchen

We have been making food for astronauts. There were different space kitchen stations. At the first station we had to work out the quantity of each ingredient we needed for Astronaut Pudding.  We had a recipe for thirty but we only wanted one portion. We actually made the pudding, measuring out ingredients and water, and we are trying it later.


We also had a recipe space curry but the recipe only made one porrtion but we needed enough for thirty people. We had to multiply by 30 to make the curry. We used fractions, decimals and multiplication as well as our problem solving skills.

We designed space cookies and worked out the cost for each topping.  Then we actually made the cookies.

We had to solve an astronauts packed lunch problem. We had to find out how many astronauts we could make lunch for with our ingredients. We are going to make the astronauts lunch later.





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