Year 6

Easter Maths

This morning Miss Hope said, "We are going to have an  eggcellent day and so I hope you are all feeling eggcited". This really made me laugh. 

For my first activity I was given an egg to measure. We had to design and make a box for the egg.


We were given a plan of the Easter Bunny's Hutch. We had to scale it up so that 1cm on the plan was equal to 50cm on the floor. We drew the outline of the hutch on the playground with chalk. Finally we had to find the area and perimeter of the hutch.



It was fun making rotation patterns. There were all sorts of colours and patterns to choose. The maths day was great. I enjoyed all the activities




Lyme Community Primary, Lyme St, Newton-le-Willows WA12 9HD