Visit from Reverend Hall

Lesson: Religious education

Class: Y3 Year: 2019 - 2020

In RE, Y3 have been investigating the following question: How and why do Christians serve God? 

As part of this learning, we invited Reverend Hall in to speak to the class to find out about his vocation.

We asked him:

*Why do you serve Jesus? 

*How does it feel to serve God?

*Why do you serve God?

*How long have you served God for? Do you like it?

*What are the most difficult and easiest parts of your job?

*Have you ever seen God?

Reverend Hall explained that he was ordained as a vicar 50 years ago this year and next year it will 50 years since he trained to be a priest. He talked about how God spoke to him when he was 18 and said he wanted him to be a minister. Christians believe that God speaks to us in a quiet way or can help us to think what is right.

Although he is now retired, he still serves the community in churches and in schools.

Lyme Community Primary, Lyme St, Newton-le-Willows WA12 9HD